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workstride rewards and recognition for adp

Recognize Employees with Instant e-Gift Card Rewards

Getting Started

Have your employee recognition program
up and running in just a few steps.

Getting Started

Gift Card Rewards by WorkStride is a trusted partner of ADP and is easily installed directly through your payroll system. Once installed and configured through the following 7-step process, you will all set up with your own site and custom link to access your company’s employee recognition program. 

Step 1
Install App

Start by navigating to your ADP Application Marketplace and select Gift Card Rewards by WorkStride. Hit Buy now and and download the application into your ADP system.

Step 2
My Apps

Navigate over to the My Apps section of ADP. Once there and you see your new app, that means you’re installed and ready to configure your program! Open up the app to get started.

Step 3
Sync Data

Here you will be able to sync all of your ADP employee data in just one click.

Step 4
Make it Yours

Pick a unique URL for your program, upload your company logo and choose your own color scheme. Users will see this branding when they receive and redem their reward. Once complete, hit next.

Step 5
Import Users

Here’s you’ll see all of your synced users who will be imported into your program, complete with names, emails, IDs and other data. Confirm data and hit next to finalize the import!

Step 6
Choose Admins

If you are not the sole admin who should have access to the administrative portal of the program, use this step to choose other admins – whether their in HR or managers who will issue teams rewards. If the user was within the import, the will be able to be easily pulled up and chosen as admins. Admins can also be chosen in the future any time after completing this step. When done choosing admins, hit next.

Step 7
Complete Installation

You’ll now be taken into a final confirmation step and brought directly into your admin portal, where you can issue out new bulk rewards to users in your system, proxy in as users to see what they see, access the rewards mall and see reporting of who received rewards and who redeemed.

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