Better Manage Channel Loyalty & Sales Incentives

Channel Incentives Program

Accelerate Channel Performance with
Strategic Incentives

Improve Channel Loyalty & Mindshare

Our program is designed to build more advocacy within your channel networks with strategic communication, custom training and engaging incentives.

Reward & Incentivize Sales Rep Behavior

We strive to help influence the interactions and behaviors during the “last 3 feet” of the sale using tailored rewards of your choosing – from gift cards, to spiffs, to experiences.

Customize Your Experience

Our configurable platform syncs up with your specific needs, brand, and technology.

Build and Run Multiple Promotions

WorkStride puts the power to create incentive promotions in the hands of program administrators. You set the promotion details and choose your target group of sales reps or partners—only the selected participants will see your contest.

Increase Mindshare through Education & Training

Introduce social elements like leaderboards, badging, and gamification to your incentive program to create a culture of friendly competition and keep participation high.

Integrate with your CRM, PMS, POS and other sales tools

WorkStride integrates with third-party software to receive sales information on a real-time basis. If participants enter their own activity, we can check against your supplied sales data before disbursing rewards.

Measure Performance with Real-Time Reporting

Participants can view their own stats through personalized dashboards at any time. Administrators can pull detailed reporting on program performance, broken down by product, by territory, by rep–any way you need to see it!

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